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Abstracta Softline 30 Floor Screen

Softline Floor is an impressive acoustic screen from Abstracta. This screen is suitable for any environment but is ideal for open plan offices as it allows you to create smaller, separated work spaces wherever they are required. The rounded corners and soft edges ensure it contributes to a friendly and inviting atmosphere and is highly compatible with most other soft furnishings.

  • All materials are recyclable as either material or energy
  • Highly sound absorbent
  • Several attractive colour options
  • Simple to install
  • Feet included

Dimensions (mm): Multiple sizes available, please see below

Sold per unit/ Price displayed per unit

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Floor screens are ideal for those looking for a more mobile solution. The screen can easily be rearranged to create breakout zones or separate spaces wherever and whenever they are desired. The simple design offers a sleeker appearance whilst the soft edges and corners prevent the screen from looking too rigid.

The core of the screen is made from mineral wool that offers excellent sound absorption, lowering overall noise levels within a space. The free-standing feet are easy to apply and make it easier to move the screen when required.


Acoustics: Absorption | Attenuation

Materials: Core - 100% Mineral wool | Fixings - Steel | Frame - 100% Pine

Assembly: x2 Free-standing feet are included with the floor screen, that are slotted into the screen via holes located at the bottom side of the panel.

Dimensions (mm):

800 x 1360 x 30

800 x 1500 x 30

800 x 1700 x 30

1000 x 1360 x 30

1000 x 1500 x 30

1000 x 1700 x 30

1200 x 1360 x 30

1200 x 1500 x 30

1200 x 1700 x 30

Sold per unit/ Price displayed per unit


There are no emissions to air, water or land at the Abstracta factory during production, The materials in the Softline floor screen are recyclable, either as material recycling or energy recovery. Rapidly Renewable Content, mindful MATERIALS, EPD, HPD, Declare CDHP Emissions Compliant

  Acoustic Performance

Sound absorption: Class A = 0.75 NRC rating


800 x 1306 x 30 - 9.6 kg

800 x 1500 x 30 - 10.6 kg

800 x 1700 x 30 - 12 kg

1000 x 1306 x 30 - 10.2 kg

1000 x 1500 x 30 - 11.6 kg

1000 x 1500 x 30 - 13.1 kg

1200 x 1306 x 30 - 12.5 kg

1200 x 1500 x 30 - 13.4 kg

1200 x 1700 x 30 - 15.1 kg

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