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  1. Autex Vicinity Sol Desk Screen (Pack of 8)

    As low as 601,48 € 501,23 €
  2. Autex Vicinity Polka Desk screen (Pack of 4)

    As low as 785,69 € 654,74 €
  3. Autex Vicinity Crest Desk Screen (Pack of 4)

    As low as 627,98 € 523,32 €
  4. Autex Vicinity Nook Screen (Pack of 4)

    As low as 861,04 € 717,53 €
  5. Autex Horizon

    As low as 576,35 € 480,29 €
  6. Autex Composition

    As low as 40,48 € 33,73 €
  7. Autex Cube

    As low as 255,38 € 212,82 €
  8. Autex Cascade Hanging Screen

    As low as 523,32 € 436,10 €
  9. Autex Quietspace 3D Ceiling Tiles (Sold in Packs)

    As low as 607,06 € 505,88 €
  10. Autex Quietspace 3D Wall Tile (Sold in Packs)

    As low as 607,06 € 505,88 €
  11. Autex Quietspace Lattice Baffles

    As low as 974,35 € 811,96 €

11 Items

per page
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Autex is a leading provider of some of the world’s best acoustic products, including the versatile Quietspace range. Trading since 1967 they remain at the forefront of innovation when it comes to improving interior sound quality. Here at Muffle, we’re delighted to be able to supply a selection of some of the most popular Autex products.

Committed to a sustainable approach to production, the Autex range is a good choice for businesses that are conscious of the impact they have on the environment. Many products are constructed from polyester, and boast a minimum of 60% recycled material.            

Our range of Autex products includes a selection of highly attractive baffles, tiles and hanging screens. This makes the brand a good choice for offices, schools, reception areas and more. Quietspace 3D wall and ceiling tiles make for a stylish design element that cuts down on reverberation and overall sound levels. Alternatively, the Cascade hanging screen is a great way of adding a physical and acoustic barrier to open plan spaces.

Created with forward-thinking businesses in mind, the Autex range is available in multiple colours and designs. Full product details are available on each page, including acoustic specification.

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