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Meet our team

Through cross-team collaboration, our growing team are able to deliver a first class online experience and create individual relationships with our customers.

Meet our directors!

Since launching in April 2019 our directors have worked tirelessly to deliver on our promise to provide the best experience for our customers. The process has been relentless but by being committed and working non-stop our management has pulled it off and created an innovative website and an amazing place to work!

Jim - Director

Jim is one of our directors who's been here since the get go. He's known for his spur of the moment ideas and for his motivational talks to keep the teams spurred up.

Andy - Director

Andy is also one of our directors, so has been around since the very beginning. He loves to get stuck in and help the teams out as much as he can.

Andrea - Director

Andrea is our final director, She's known for her bubbly personality and having a laugh. She takes care of the company's HR and finance and also likes to keep the team morale up by bringing in pizzas occasionally!

Meet our sales team!

Your first port of call with any sales related enquiries, our team are always happy to help, available by phone, email or through the chat system on our website. If you have any questions in regards to products then they're only one step away.

Vicki - Head of Sales

Vicki joined us in August 2020 and has been smashing it ever since! She has brought a new sense of collaboration to our team to help motivate us to meet our goals and expand into new markets!

James - Senior Account Manager (France & Spain)

James joined our sales team in October 2020, since the get go he's kept us amazed with his language capabilities. He helps service and cater to our French and Spanish sites and always cheers up the office with his occasional language lessons!

Dave - English and Irish Account Manager

Dave is our account manager who covers the UK and Ireland and joined us in March 2021. He helps us deliver the best service and the best acoustic solutions to our customers. When he hasn't got a cup of tea in his hand, he'll be eating an orange for sure.

Joe - American & Canadian Account Manager

Joe was welcomed to the Muffle team with the launch of our new USA site. He looks after all USA and Canada enquires, providing the best acoustic solutions tailored to your needs.

Meet our procurement team!

In charge of anything procurement related. This team deal with everything from sourcing new products and brands, to making sure that all of our prices are as competitive as possible to make Muffle the place to go.

Charleen - Head of Operations

Charleen joined us towards the end of 2020, She’s taken all the obstacles/tasks thrown at her in her stride and is constantly pushing for Muffle to be the very best. She’s now working to bring all of our teams and processes in-line, including working closely with Dominic to align all of our procurement processes.

Dominic - Procurement Administrator

Dominic joined our team in March 2021, since the get go he's been eager to learn and happy to help with anything he can. As our resident soundproofing expert he's taken that side of the site under his wing and is now working alongside Charleen to help bring all of our procurement processes together.

Meet our marketing team!

Muffle are ahead of the curve with our social media channels and advertising activities. Anything you see online about Muffle will have been thought up and created by this team.

Adam - Head of Marketing

Adam has been with Muffle since the very beginning. He helps look after anything marketing and website related! He's known for being an innovator and great with words.

Hollie - Social Media Executive

Hollie joined us in August 2020 and is responsible for anything you see posted on any of our social media accounts. She's very creative, funny and dedicated to her work.

Daniel - Graphic Designer

Daniel joined us in August 2020 and has been busy ever since! He's responsible for any of the graphics you see on our sites/social media and also helps create the brochures we use to build relationships with our suppliers

Meet our website team!

In charge of anything website related. This team deal with everything from adding new products, fixing issues that pop up and even developing the plethora of new sites we launch to stay on top of the market.

Katie - Website Team Leader

Katie joined us in August 2020 and is a key member of our website team, she works hard and is a fast learner. Always willing to help out and fix issues on the fly when needed.

PJ - Trainee Website Developer

PJ joined us in July 2020 and helps deal with anything website related. Since the get go he's got stuck in and is always looking for improvements to make. He takes responsibility for any issues and tries to resolve them in a timely manner. 

Ethan - Trainee Website Administrator

Ethan started out as our sales apprentice and has been with us since September 2019. He's recently finished his apprenticeship, passing with flying colours, and joined the web team to help with the day to day tasks.

Meet our finance team!

These are the staff members who help with the every day running of the office and keep on top of our finances to make sure everything is in order.

Alex - Finance Manager

Alex joined us recently to help bring all of our finances in line. With our rapid expansion over the last 12 months it's been very all hands on deck and having Alex's knowledge and experience on board has helped out a lot.

Geoff - Financial Controller

Geoff joined us in April 2020 and is a key member of our senior staff. He takes care of all our finances and ensures all of our accounts are in order.

Jess - Office Administrator

Jess joined us in March 2020, She's taken on the role of Office Administrator and is kept busy by making sure the office keeps running on a day-to-day basis. She helps with any stationery/equipment orders as well as any invoices.