Abstracta Aircone Hanging Screen (Sold in Packs)

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Abstracta Aircone is a unique and highly effective hanging screen made up of individual modules that can be arranged in any format to create a desired effect. The hanging screen can be suspended from the ceiling or hung on the wall to offer outstanding levels of sound absorption whilst creating a sense of separation without compromising the open plan environment.

  • Ceiling or wall hung with an aluminium rail (sold separately)
  • A variety of colour compositions available
  • Emission-free production and recyclable materials
  • Connecting clips
  • Easy assembly

For suspension rail, click here

Dimensions (mm): 465 x 405 x 85

Sold in packs of 3 or 10/ Price displayed per pack

Similar to the highly successful Abstracta Airflake hanging screen, Aircone offers a slightly clearer division between a space but still maintains the open feel, allowing light to pass through and not closing off a space completely but still providing an extra layer of privacy and assisting in noise reduction.

The acoustic screen is made from compression moulded fabric covered with a high quality felt. The modules can be arranged however you see fit to best suit your space, whether you want more or less coverage for your screen. Each module is angled and has a tapered shape, this diffuses sound waves, creating a better overall sound environment.


Acoustics: Diffusion | Absorption

Materials: Plastic | Moulded polyester | Polyester felt

Assembly: Individual modules are assembled together using small plastic clips (included)

Installation: Aircone can be hung from the ceiling or wall mounted on an aluminium suspension rail

Dimensions (mm): 465 x 405 x 85

Sold in packs of 3 or 10/ Price displayed per pack