Abstracta Moon Acoustic Lamp

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Abstracta Moon is a globe shaped lamp that provides exceptional acoustics as well as high-quality ambient lighting. The globe design with a hole at the bottom directs light straight out for a slightly more concentrated light source, ideal for work spaces. The innovative lamp works to absorb both high and low-frequency sound waves, effectively reducing noise levels.

  • Dimmable lamp withy DALI light control
  • Absorbs high and low frequency noise
  • All materials are recyclable
  • Available in 4 standard colours
  • Fixings & bulb included

Dimensions (mm): Ø550

Sold per unit/ Price displayed per unit

The light itself is hidden inside the globe providing a glare-free, direct light that can be dimmed and temperature controlled with ease using DALI light control. The globe’s outer layer is made from polyester felt available in 4 different colours and the inner core is a highly sound absorbent polyester partly made using recycled PET bottles.

With its ability to absorb both high- and low-end frequencies, it’s the ideal choice for offices, restaurants, lobbies, and hotels to reduce conversational noise. Abstracta Moon is also available without lighting, acting purely as a ceiling-mounted sound absorber.


Acoustics: Absorption

Lighting: DALI light control | 220-240 V | Lumen - 1400 Lm | 15W. Luminaire Luminous Flux: 900LM. CCT 2700K. SDCM 5. CRI 90

Materials: Fixings - Aluminium | Screws - Steel | Screw fixings- Plastic | Textile - Sound absorbing polyester

Assembly: The Moon acoustic light is suspended from the ceiling on a 4m length power cord (all fixings included). Please see installation manual below for fixing instructions!

Dimensions (mm): Ø550

Sold per unit/ Price displayed per unit