Soundlay Acoustic Underlay (1.2m²)

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1200mm x 1000mm with a choice of 9mm, 12mm or 15mm depth

  • Reduces both impact and airborne sound where superior noise control is necessary
  • Compatible with any type of sub-floor and floor covering
  • Bonding not always required
  • Use instead of carpet underlay
  • Soundlay Highload (15mm) offers incredible impact reduction- perfect for lofts and in children's bedrooms


Where woodenlaminate or vinyl floor finish are being used, it is recommended that a stiffening layer such as a 12mm Plywood layer or MDF layer is bonded to the Soundlay, using the Regubond 100










Impact (dB) 53 55-49* 60-40*
Airborne (dB) 49 49-54* 49-53*
Mass per sheet/roll (kg)      9.6 15 19.2
Density (kgm-3) 888.88 1041 1066

*Dependent on installation method