BuzziSpace BuzziZepp Acoustic Ceiling Light - LED Line

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BuzziZepp is a unique and visually striking acoustic raft from BuzziSpace. The impressive sound absorbing capabilities along with the unique open centre that lets light pass through, offers a sense of tranquillity especially in large open spaces. Combine multiple of these acoustic rafts at different heights to create visual appeal whilst improving the interior acoustics.

  • Wide range of colours available
  • Effectively combats a range of sound frequencies
  • Offers maximum absorption and diffusion
  • Optional lighting
  • Discreet cables

Dimensions (mm): L2000 x W1170 x D100 | L3000 x W1170 x D100

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BuzziZepp is a high-performance acoustic raft made with acoustic foam and covered in sound absorbing fabric. The concave shape and soft edges of this acoustic raft trap soundwaves as they travel upwards. When placed above the problematic source of sounds, it effectively reduces background noise and echo to create peaceful environments.

The acoustic raft is available in a wide range of colours to suit your style, whether you’re looking for a bold pink or a subtle grey, there is an option for you. BuzziZepp is also available in 2 sizes and 2 cable sizes so you can easily play around with colour, size, and height to construct more abstract visuals for your space.

Please note, this product must be suspended on a solid structure or ceiling, taking into account the weight of the product and the local regulation.


Acoustics: Maximum absorption | Maximum diffusion | Maximum attenuation

Core: Poplar multiplex

Canopy: Black Metal canopy

Light: LED line 230 V

Filling: Acoustic foam

Fabric: BuzziFabric Cat A

Installation: Fixing system included (black metal ceiling canopy & transparent power cable). Fixing system screw with 4 or 6 2m aluminium cables also included (5m length cables on request).

Dimensions (mm):

BuzziZepp Small: L2000 x W1170 x D100

BuzziZepp Medium: L3000 x W1170 x D100

Did you know this product is Quiet Mark certified?