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Acoustic Screens

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  1. Autex Vicinity Sol Desk Screen (Pack of 8)

    As low as 601,48 € 501,23 €
  2. Autex Vicinity Polka Desk screen (Pack of 4)

    As low as 785,69 € 654,74 €
  3. Autex Vicinity Crest Desk Screen (Pack of 4)

    As low as 627,98 € 523,32 €
  4. Autex Vicinity Nook Screen (Pack of 4)

    As low as 861,04 € 717,53 €
  5. Glass Protection Screen

    137,96 € 114,97 €
  6. Acrylic Protection Screen

    465,70 € 388,08 €
  7. IMPACT ACOUSTIC Hanging Division

    As low as 537,28 € 447,73 €
  8. Abstracta Combo Cross Hanging Screen

    As low as 907,88 € 756,57 €
  9. Abstracta Airleaf Acoustic Screen (Sold In Packs)

    As low as 137,05 € 114,21 €
  10. Abstracta Aircone Screen (Sold In Packs)

    As low as 110,52 € 92,10 €

Items 1-12 of 28

per page
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Acoustic Screens

Acoustic screens are designed to break up a space and help control the propagation of noise, as well as reverberation, ultimately resulting in lower sound levels and a more comfortable environment. Open plan offices in particular can benefit from acoustic screens, as they can help to compartmentalise areas without a large physical barrier between colleagues. This results in an open space where people can continue to work without excess noise.

We’re pleased to be able to offer two types of acoustic screen; those that are free standing and can be moved and placed anywhere, and those that are suspended directly from the ceiling. Both can be used to achieve similar acoustic benefits. Browse through the products to see the different options available; we’re pleased to be able to bring you a wide selection of designs and colours from leading manufacturers including Snowsound and Buzzispace.

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