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Acoustic Wall Panels

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  1. MuffleCork by Corkbee - Kite

    As low as 44,14 € 36,78 €
  2. MuffleCork by Corkbee - Stripe

    As low as 92,94 € 77,45 €
  3. MuffleCork by Corkbee - Line

    As low as 37,08 € 30,90 €
  4. MufflePanel PET MufflePanel PET New

    MufflePanel PET

    As low as 159,49 € 132,91 €
  5. Ecophon Akusto One Circle (Sold in Packs)

    As low as 407,88 € 339,90 €
  6. Ecophon Akusto One Rectangle (Sold in Packs)

    As low as 234,70 € 195,58 €
  7. Ecophon Akusto One Square (Sold in Packs)

    As low as 195,80 € 163,17 €
  8. Quadrifoglio Pre-Configured Pack

    As low as 476,63 € 397,19 €
  9. Quadrifoglio Petal Panel

    As low as 300,56 € 250,47 €
  10. Quadrifoglio Cloak Panel

    As low as 154,58 € 128,82 €
  11. 14six8 3D Acoustic Wall Tiles (Packs of 6)

    As low as 1 974,67 € 1 645,56 €
  12. 14six8 Decorative Acoustic Wall Tiles (Packs of 8)

    As low as 1 137,36 € 947,80 €

Items 1-12 of 69

per page
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Acoustic Panels for Walls

Acoustic wall panels are an excellent solution for dealing with reverberation and excessive noise issues in a wide variety of spaces. Whether you’re completing an office fit-out, bringing some noise control to a classroom, or creating a home cinema, these panels are an ideal choice for those looking to improve both aesthetics and acoustics.

Here at Muffle, we’re pleased to offer a wide range of acoustic panels, from a number of leading manufacturers including BuzziSpace, Fluffo and Snowsound. We’re able to cater to a wide range of budgets, including affordable options from our own Muffle acoustic panels range as well as high-specification panels designed for premium acoustic performance. Differing fixing options are available too. Consult the downloads section on any product to find out more about acoustic performance and fitment.

We believe that aesthetics are just as important as acoustics, which is why most of our acoustic panels are available in a huge selection of sizes, colours and shapes. Whatever space you have in mind, we’re sure to be able to cater to it. View any of the products on this page to see the colour choices on offer.

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