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Ceiling System

Ceiling System

Ceiling System

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  1. Luminaire Cover

    57,96 € 46,74 €
  2. Superlag

    46,87 € 37,80 €
  3. SoundBlocker

    8,31 € 6,70 €
  4. Tecsound SY

    124,05 € 100,04 €
  5. Isomax Channel

    5,27 € 4,25 €
  6. Jumbo Sealant Gun

    24,38 € 19,66 €
  7. Hammer Fixings- Box of 100

    20,62 € 16,63 €
  8. Isomax Clip

    6,96 € 5,61 €

12 Items

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Soundproofing Ceilings System and Installation

Our systems have been specifically designed to showcase how and what you need in order to achieve a soundproof environment. Assuming that you already have an idea of what it is you require, we here at Muffle can bridge the gap with our tailored approach. From building regulations met to simply adopting soundproofing treatment for your chosen area, we cover every aspect and avenue. Offering a variety of build ups, renovations and retro fits, feel free to browse our sections below.

Soundproofing a ceiling has the same principle as floor and wall build ups with a few minor differences. Weight becomes the biggest factor when soundproofing a ceiling so ideally, both sides need treatment, unfortunately this can’t always be achieved due to the living environment (Apartments, Adjacent rooms, Access). For the installation methods please follow the links below.



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