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Acoustic Baffles

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  1. Abstracta Trumpet Light Absorber

    As low as 1 064,69 € 887,24 €
  2. Autex Quietspace Lattice Baffles

    As low as 974,35 € 811,96 €
  3. MuffleBaffle PET

    As low as 85,73 € 71,44 €
  4. Snowsound V-Flap Suspended Acoustic Panel

    As low as 595,06 € 495,88 €
  5. BuzziLoose

    As low as 696,62 € 580,52 €
  6. Muffle Baffle Fabric

    As low as 147,52 € 122,93 €

9 Items

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Acoustic Baffles

Acoustic baffles are a striking ceiling solution that can bring a variety of acoustic benefits to spaces. Similar to rafts, baffles are suspended vertically, creating a barrier in the air. Baffles can be particularly effective in open-plan spaces such as offices, where they can help prevent propagation of sound over longer distances. In addition, their sound-absorbing properties can help to reduce reverberation and overall sound levels, creating a more comfortable environment.

At Muffle, we’re focused on bringing our customers a range of high quality products. The acoustic baffle range includes our own branded Muffle range and Italian manufacturer Snowsound. Browse though each product to see the range of shapes, sizes, colours and designs available.

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